Cesare Battisti

“Cesare Battisti is perhaps the perfect model of chef according to Carlo Petrini: a person capable of uniting those who live in the countryside with those who live in the city and he does this with a theater of art smile.”

CIT from Identità Golose, Tokyo Cervigni

Cesare Battisti, born in Milan in 1971, is Chef and Host of Ratanà and is today considered one of the most representative chefs of revisited traditional and quality cuisine, attentive to the use of excellent raw materials coming from small producers and focused on the themes of food sustainability, but also economic, environmental and social sustainability.

After many years traveling around Europe, he returns to Milan and takes part in the brigades of restaurants dedicated to traditional Milanese cuisine.

However, the desire to leave his mark with his cuisine is strong and the time soon arrives to create a different place that breaks away from the Milanese and Italian restaurant schemes and fully reflects his restaurant philosophy. Thus, in 2009 Ratanà opened, one of the first contemporary taverns in Italy.

Here he interprets the Lombard gastronomic tradition by revisiting it and proposing it in a modern key through seemingly simple preparations, with innovative cooking techniques and great research into raw materials. Cesare’s cooking philosophy is clearly expressed in his Cuisine Decalogue – “Sustainability beyond all rhetoric”.

A modern kitchen therefore but deeply linked to memory, because the kitchen is made of memories, places, sensations that evoke moments, childhood, home.


Since October 2016 he has held the position of General Secretary of the non-profit association “Ambasciatori del Gusto”, through which he is committed to the promotion and enhancement of quality cuisine and the excellence of Made in Italy in the world. Committed to social issues, he collaborates with non-profit organizations and associations to support the values of sustainability, correct nutrition and inclusiveness.