Where does the name RatanĂ  come from?

In naming the restaurant we drew inspiration from the character of Don Giuseppe Gervasini, el pret de Ratanà, a priest-healer who lived in Milan during the 19th century. The priest was born right here in what was then  the Isola-Porta Garibaldi area, a tough area at the time, from a family who ran a tavern in nearby Via Borsieri.
A controversial and indecipherable figure, the priest lives on in the memory of thousands of Milanese as a cantankerous character with an altruistic disposition who healed his people with herbs from his own garden. The nickname RatanĂ  comes from Retenate, the name of a small locality which no longer exists in what is today the municipality of Vignate, where he ran the local parish for many years. Our history, the history of our traditions and the history of our area is very important to us.

Cesare Battisti and Danilo Ingannamorte founded RatanĂ  in 2009 with the aim of creating a point of reference for those passionate about traditional but modern Milanese food. From the very beginning their aim was to offer the very best food possible, based on the use of exceptional produce, as well as a wine list built around outstanding producers from Italy and the rest of Europe.

In  2012 Cesare Battisti and sommelier Federica Fabi took over the running of the restaurant which they manage today with flair and dedication in an atmosphere that is at the same time modern and traditional, not only for the food and service but also for the restaurant’s interior design. Chiara Bersanelli and Marco Fumagalli are friends and now business partners. Chiara has been working with us since 2012 in an administrative role, she manages the staff and is our event and banqueting coordinator. Marco is a dermatologist and involved in local politics, above all he is an accomplished fly fisherman, companion to countless fishing adventures with Cesare and passionate about fine food.


Villa and design

Housed in a liberty style Villa dating back to the early 20th century within the headquarters of the Riccardo Catella Foundation and set within the renovated futuristic district of Garibaldi/Porta Nuova/Isola where the building housing Lombardy’s regional administration centre, the vertical forest designed by the architect Boeri, Piazza Gae Aulenti and the Unicredit building are all to be found.

The interior design of the restaurant, projected by RGA Studio in Milan ( link ), brings to light the deep bond between RatanĂ  and its surrounding territory.  The current location of RatanĂ  was once  a railway depot on the metropolitan Farini line and the intention to reflect the past history of this area can be seen in the use of the recycled railway iron used to create many of the restaurant’s furnishings.

The main furnishings which complete the interior of the restaurant are the large grey marble bench illuminated by Michele de Lucchi’s “Acquatinta” lamps, the chairs designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni and the art work “#0305Palermo” (2006, C – print on plexiglass, cm 180 x 230 ) by Carlo Valsecchi hung on the front wall of the restaurant.

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