The Riccardo Catella foundation

The Riccardo Catella Foundation was born in 2005 in honour of the entrepreneur Riccardo Catella. The foundation’s mission is to encourage Italian creativity and innovation with particular emphasis in the fields of architecture, urban planning including the utilisattion of public spaces, landscape design, environmental sustainability, design and communication.

Since the year of its inception, the foundation has supported and promoted the civic program “I Progetti della Gente” (The People’s Project) which aims to realise civic initiatives, projects and events relating to the local area as well as the needs of the area’s citizens. This project was initiated by the Catella Foundation and is supported by numerous local institutions.

In order to help realize the “People’s Project”, the foundation rents out an exclusive location within the city , immersed in the greenery of the public garden surrounding it. The location offers ample space on two distinct floors, the tasteful architecture, clever design and the lighting within the location make it an ideal space for both private and corporate events.

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