The Riccardo Catella foundation

The Riccardo Catella Foundation, active since 2005, has as its primary mission to promote the sustainable development of the territory and urban public spaces. Over the years it has developed a series of civic-cultural and research programmes dedicated to environmental sustainability, social inclusion and the regeneration of pedestrian spaces.

The Riccardo Catella Foundation has promoted numerous initiatives, including the multi-year programme ‘I Progetti della Gente’ (People’s Projects): cultural initiatives and the redevelopment of public spaces created by listening to neighbourhood communities, and ‘MiColtivo, Orto a Scuola’ (MiColtivo, Vegetable Garden at School), a project for the creation of educational vegetable gardens in peripheral public schools in Milan.

From July 2019, thanks to an innovative public-private partnership with the Municipality of Milan and COIMA, the Riccardo Catella Foundation, with the project BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano (Library of Trees Milan), becomes responsible for the management, security, maintenance and cultural programme of the public park of Porta Nuova with over 200 events per year always free for the citizenship inspired by the UN environmental sustainability objectives and inspired on the 4 pillars #OpenAirCulture #Education #Nature and #Wellness.

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