Why is a menu with a restricted but thought out choice accompanied by such a comprehensive wine list?

This is the very question one of our customers once asked. The answer is that while it is wise for a menu to have clear boundaries, it is equally limiting for a wine list to only offer choices that are banal, “fashionable” or just plain obvious.
Our wish is to guide you through an enological tour of Italy and Europe with the more than 600 labels featured on our wine list, our promise is that you will never be bored of tasting what our list has to offer.
The wine list at RatanĂ  is the result of many years of research into Italy’s and Europe’s wine regions and reflects the trusting relationships that have magically grown over the years with our esteemed producers.
They understand the efforts we make in preparing the best food possible and that their wine is in the hands of our capable sommeliers who understand it, value it and bring out its best in pairing it to the right dishes in order to create a memorable food and wine experience. What is really gratifying is the reciprocal respect that has grown between us and the wine producers with whom we work.


It has become fashionable to talk about indigenous varieties, minerality, freshness and drinkability in wine. We are happy about this because this is how we like wine. The infinite subtleties and anecdotes captured in every single bottle of quality wine are reason to rejoice. The wines we list are made by small and medium sized producers who through their wine all aim to best express their territories, we feel it is of vital importance to know each of these producers personally.
As soon as we can, we take the time to visit our producers and go to tastings,  we believe that only when you understand how a wine is born can you really know it and help your guests appreciate it.


During the last 15 years the world of craft beer in Italy has grown exponentially. Brew pubs were pioneers of the craft beer movement, today they are joined by an increasing number of young artisan brewers producing beer of the highest quality and with a distinctly local character. We have a small selection of high quality craft beers from Lombardy, the decision to remain local is dictated by our lack of fridge space, our wines have all but taken over the fridge.


Classic cocktails reinterpreted with a contemporary twist and prepared with natural ingredients.

Our cocktails are based on the best spirits from Italy and abroad, to these we love to add oriental spices and fresh mediterranean herbs such as sage, mint and rosemary, our cocktails evoke aromas and flavours that go beyond the confines of Italy; how common is the experience of sipping a cocktail in Milan when nostalgic memories of holidays in far-away lands come flooding back? At RatanĂ  you can enjoy a cocktail paired with a favourite dish, as an aperitivo, with dessert or as an after dinner digestive.

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