“We need farmers, poets,  people who know how to make bread, people who love trees and who understand the way the wind blows. More important than a year of  growth would be a year of awareness. Awareness of those of us who fall, of the sun that is born and that dies, of the children who grow up, awareness also of simple things like a street light or a brick wall eroded in time. To be a revolutionary today means to be able to take away rather than to add,  to slow down rather than to speed up, it means to value silence, the light of day, fragility, sweetness.”  
(Franco Armino, poet and writer)

the modern way

Ratanà is a “Modern Osteria”, perhaps the first of this kind in Italy, conceived to make the difference and contribute to the development of a sustainable food culture.
At RatanĂ  we offer a modern interpretation of the traditional Milanese and Lombard cuisine. Chef Cesare Battisti and his staff revisit the culinary traditions of this region with creativity and a contemporary touch.
Menus fuse elements of our local culinary heritage with the freedom of interpretation typical of the modern cooking. An uncompromising respect for the food commodites and a tireless research for purity of flavour are our points of departure.
Our point of arrival is the finished dish, clearly reflecting the aromas and flavours of its single ingredients.

For those of us who work here and for those who come to visit us

Cesare Battisti, Chef and host, alongside Federica Fabi, sommelier, run the restaurant with their own special, personal and distinctive touch.
The restaurant comprises a kitchen and front of house team of industry professionals who have all chosen RatanĂ  as their preferred place of work, a place that allows them to freely and enthusiastically express themselves through their work.
A work-place environment that values technical ability but encourages a vibrant and friendly  approach, creating a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere free of the formality that tends to create rigidness.
As a guest at RatanĂ  you will perceive an air of familiarity, complicity and  relaxation because RatanĂ  transmits these same sensations to its valued staff.

Only small artisanal producers

We are studious and passionate people, curious and never tireless in our continuous search for the best. We meet regularly with artisans and small scale farmers from all over Italy, in each of these meetings we strengthen our relationships.

Our common goal is to strive for the highest quality produce possible, after all it is the quality of our supplier’s produce that makes the difference, this is our staring point.

A name that stands out among many of our dear producers is that of uovodiselva, organic egg farm.

In the same way, the wines that come onto our list represent a wide reaching and carefully meditated selection of those producers who best respect and value their territory.

For us at RatanĂ  all things have a sweet side

Desserts at RatanĂ  are made with the same meticulous commitment that goes into every other dish, they are the result of our research into how single ingredients can best be combined and our ongoing search for new flavours.
Vegetables play an important part in the preparation of our desserts. As the conclusive act of a meal, we believe that desserts are deserving of the same special care and attention that go into all our other dishes.

Because tuna, swordfish, grouper and mackerel do not populate our waters

It was a difficult decision but perhaps the only one possible. When we consider Milan and its territory, sea fish do not come to our mind: the territory around Milan contains many springs, lakes and rivers, all generous providers of freshwater fish, often small but always flavoursome and healthy. Fresh water fish are an important part of our menus, the sensibility and skill of our chefs ensure that this valuable resource is treated in a way that best brings out its goodness and flavour.

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